Version 1.2 will hit hard!

Coming soon…

Rubberduck News

Rubberduck has had a decent unit testing feature since 1.0. Version 1.1 introduced a concept of code inspections – a proof of concept really, a sketch of a vision of what we wanted Rubberduck to do with the VBA code in the IDE.

Upcoming version 1.2 has undergone massive changes in the parsing strategy – going from a home-made regex-based solution to a full-blown ANTLR [slightly modified] Visual Basic 6.0 grammar generating a lexer and parser. As a result, code inspection capabilities have gone exactly where we envisioned them from the start.

Here’s what version 1.2 can find in your VBA code (in alphabetical order):

  • Implicit ByRef parameter
  • Implicit Variant return type (function/property get)
  • Multiple declarations in single instruction
  • Function return value not assigned
  • Obsolete Call statement
  • Obsolete Rem statement
  • Obsolete Global declaration
  • Obsolete Let statement
  • Obsolete type hint
  • Option Base 1 is potentially confusing
  • Option Explicit is not specified
  • Parameter can be…

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