Reusable OOP Progress Indicator for Excel VBA

The progress bar I wrote for Access is by and far my most popular post to date. I’ve been meaning to write one that uses a UserForm so that it would be portable to any of the Office Host Apps, but looks like a friend of mine beat me to it. You should check it out.



For the past couple months I’ve been pretty (very) busy with my Rubberduck project, an open-source add-in for the VBE (the VBA IDE) packed with cool features that I encourage you to explore (see the “Features” page on the official website) – but I’m not here to talk about RD, otherwise I would have posted on Rubberduck News.

I’m here to blog about the last piece of VBA code I’ve written, in response to a recent tweet from @ExcelEasy to which I replied:

@ExcelEasy well done! #Challenge: make a more #OOP one without using the form’s default/global instance! #becausewhynot

So, building on this article, I went and implemented my own – this post is essentially a walkthrough for the ProgressIndicator class, the most recent addition to my VBTools GitHub repository.



First step is to create the UserForm that will be used for displaying the progress –…

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