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VBA ODBC DSN Installer

One of the most common questions we come across as MS Access developers is “How do I make sure every user can access the database?”. Often, and with good reason, a DSN-less connection is the way to go. However, DSN-less connections aren’t for every situation in Access. Sometimes they’re clunky, or some functionality of Access just doesn’t work with a DSN-less connection. I suspect this is because Access was designed specifically to use linked tables, which use a DSN by nature.

I ran across this problem a little while back. While I can’t remember exactly what it was that just wouldn’t work no matter what I tried, I did need a fairly robust solution for manipulating the Domain System Names via VBA. Not only did I need to install them, I needed to fix them when they weren’t set up correctly. So, for my case, a *.reg file just wouldn’t do. I had to code this. Read the rest of this entry »

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