I am what I like to think of as a professional amateur. I can not believe that someone pays me to do what I do. I have no formal training in IT at all, yet here I am developing T-SQL, PL/SQL, SSIS packages, SQL Server and  Microsoft Access front ends and databases, and scripts written in an archaic proprietary language. That just scratches the surface too. I’ve also been known to tap into the Google Apps API from time to time. I just love to code. I’m still not sure how it became my job.

I’ve tried a number of different methods for archiving my code “library”, but none has worked out well. This is my latest experiment in that arena. The best part is that this allows me to share what I’ve learned with others, and maybe I can learn something from you as well. I’m learning everyday. We all should be.

While that is the primary purpose of this site, I do intend to use this venue to write about other subjects. Subjects like life, philosophy, and family. I hope I don’t catch you too off guard when I go from talking about writing efficient, reusable, code to speaking about whatever else may have crossed my mind today. All in all, I just hope you enjoy and possibly learn something. Whatever that something may be.

Semper Cogitet

Christopher J. McClellan

  1. #1 by Andrew Mitchell on March 3, 2016 - 5:34 am

    Hi Chris,
    I appreciate you being straight with your experience as lot of other people like me are also self-taught and trying to figure out our place in the world. I read a lot of posts that you have written but there is one thing that I wish your site had and that is a better index for finding old posts.


    • #2 by Christopher J. McClellan on March 3, 2016 - 9:59 am

      Hey Andrew! Thanks for the feedback. That’s really valuable to know. I’ve got to ask though, what kind of index? I already have links to the archives by date and broad category? Do I need better categories? Could you suggest one or two you feel is missing? I can go back and add them.


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