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v1.21 is here! (yes, including for 64-bit Office!)

Fixed the bugs we did. Better we made it. =;)-

v1.21 is here! (yes, including for 64-bit Office!).

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Some Days…

It’s been a crazy day. I found out that we have users on the other side of the globe, Rubberduck doesn’t work in 64 bit versions of Office, and JetBrains gave us a free Open Source license of ReSharper. Oh… And I worked a full day putting out fires at the office. Some times things get surreal. 

I just wanted to share this with everyone and let you know what’s coming down the pipe for the blog. I still owe you a look at what we’re planning for the next minor release of Rubberduck (Hint: it includes support for Office 64x…). I also want to do a small series about VBA attributes over the next few weeks. They’re very cool and under utilized in my opinion. That’s probably because there is next to no documentation available. So, I’m going to pick one or two to talk about at a time and document what I happen to know about them. 

Until then,

Happy Coding.



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The Professional VBA Developer

I came across a post on Programmer’s Stack Exchange yesterday that really irked me. It took me a little while to really digest what upset me about it, but I think I understand now. This developer was asking for more reasons to back up his claim that he should move his solution from VBA to C#. That in itself is fine. As I stated in my response, I understand his desire to move his solution to C#. I wish I could move all of my projects to the .Net platform myself.

No. Wanting to move to a more modern technology was not my issue with his question. My problem was with how he acted like working in an old technology gave him a pass on being a professional.

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Version 1.2 is here!

Version 1.2 of Rubberduck has arrived. I’ll follow up soon with some thoughts about it and where we’re heading next.

Rubberduck News

I’m really excited to announce this, so I’ll get to the point…

Version 1.2 just released!

The most visible change is all of the new Code Inspections. There were only a handful of them in Version 1.1, but now Rubberduck is finding all kinds of issues with VBA code. Everything from obsolete syntax to unused variables. It’s really very cool.

The other very visible change is the addition of an Extract Method refactoring tool. Highlight some code, and extract it into its own method. Awesome. This one is very much like the static code analysis was in the last version, just a glimpse at the great things to come.

There were also a lot of improvements under the hood. We entirely swapped out the parser that allows us to do much of what we’ve done. Along with that, we’ve fixed a verifiable crap ton of bugs and UX problems. I’m…

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Version 1.2 will hit hard!

Coming soon…

Rubberduck News

Rubberduck has had a decent unit testing feature since 1.0. Version 1.1 introduced a concept of code inspections – a proof of concept really, a sketch of a vision of what we wanted Rubberduck to do with the VBA code in the IDE.

Upcoming version 1.2 has undergone massive changes in the parsing strategy – going from a home-made regex-based solution to a full-blown ANTLR [slightly modified] Visual Basic 6.0 grammar generating a lexer and parser. As a result, code inspection capabilities have gone exactly where we envisioned them from the start.

Here’s what version 1.2 can find in your VBA code (in alphabetical order):

  • Implicit ByRef parameter
  • Implicit Variant return type (function/property get)
  • Multiple declarations in single instruction
  • Function return value not assigned
  • Obsolete Call statement
  • Obsolete Rem statement
  • Obsolete Global declaration
  • Obsolete Let statement
  • Obsolete type hint
  • Option Base 1 is potentially confusing
  • Option Explicit is not specified
  • Parameter can be…

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